The Culprits

Thursday, April 7, 2011


You've all seen pics of Seth's lovely locks. Ladies are particularly jealous of his perfect ringlets & he, himself, is rather proud of them as well. It's been a couple years since Seth has submitted to letting his dad near him with the clippers. Justin would just as soon shave it all off, like he does to Seth's little brothers, and start from scratch. But Seth's fragile teen-self-image would be shattered & he would probably hide from the world in his room until his beautiful mane grew back. I do my best to keep the clipper-wielding fiend away from THE HAIR, for as long as I possibly can. So sometimes I have Auntie Emily do it.....and sometimes I do it, even though I have no idea what I'm doing. Seth dreads the latter, but it's (usually) better than if Daddy were to do it.
 Seth has liked it when Emily's done it because she leaves his hair pretty long, but just trims the mullet-looking stuff off. But I kept forgetting to ask her. Justin's increasing threats of "trimming" Seth's hair, Marine Corps-style, were becoming a clear and present danger to THE HAIR.
                                                    Today I figured it was TIME.
                                      I told him to look at me, so he gave me THE LOOK.

As I cut, he kept gasping at the amount of hair falling to the floor & moaning, "my hair, my hair". I just kept telling him to be glad it was me & not his dad. I tried to leave it long-ish, but once I get going I can't stop until it's even. And with those kind of curls, I don't know how to tell if it's even yet or not. It's probably STILL not even............and I'll probably go to bed thinking about the spots I should have fixed. He was a little depressed after I finished cutting.

This is how much hair I cut off (minus the trash & dog hairs). To give you the proper perspective, this pile would fill up a large dinner plate. Though why hair would be on a dinner plate I have no idea.
 I think I actually did a darn fine job, if I do say so myself. And he still has lots of pretty curlie-Q's left. The ladies will still be jealous.
 He had this idea that only people with long hair could wear fedoras. And he MUST wear a fedora. I told him that he was wrong & that fedoras look just as nice with shorter hair. This pic proves me right.
                  Still a heart breaker. In the end, Seth was happy with his do...despite THE FACE. Mom-win.


~aj~ said...

I think he looks fantastic! And I chuckled out loud about the lack of reasoning for hair to be on a dinner plate. lol

~aj~ said...

I think he looks fantastic! And I chuckled out loud about the lack of reasoning for hair to be on a dinner plate. lol

MamaT said...

great job! curly hair cuts are hard!!!

MGM said...

He has gorgeous hair (coming from a curly haired girl, myslef). Like your blog! I'll be back, now that I'm stepping back into the blog world after a hiatus. Thanks for stopping by mind and leaving me a comment!

Boy Crazy said...

Thanks, AJ & MAMA T!!!

MGM~ Good to meet you! :)