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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ER Visit Number: 12,382

I was just thinking the other day, "Oh my, how I miss the ER. I haven't been there in over a month. I wonder how the doctors & nurses there are doing. I bet they miss seeing my kids' sweet faces. We should stop by soon for a visit. After all, the kids haven't had a fun AND educational homeschool outing in quite a while. Well, my "wish" for an ER adventure was granted last night when Isaac fell off the bottom rung of the ladder for the boys' bunk bed & gashed his eyebrow open on an open dresser drawer. (Actually, I left all his brothers at home with Justin this time, so only Isaac benefited from our fun field trip.) OK. So I'm just being the tiniest bit sarcastic. About wishing to go to the ER again, that is. Isaac really did gash his eyebrow open. It was kind of grizzly, actually. The best gash we've had in a while. I normally just try to avoid the ER for stitches. I'm pretty handy with a butterfly bandage, if I do say so myself. But even I had to admit, this one needed an actual doctor. *Sigh* I've decided that, for the sake of those who do not have 6 boys & who are not used to seeing the inside of a child's forehead, I would leave out the pictures of the actual injury.
                        Obviously, it didn't dampen his mood much...................
                                 ..........nor did it stop him from taking care of business.
                We waited for 2 hours. It was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very boring. (I think my writing improves & becomes more exciting with each ER visit I blog about, don't you?)
The doctor & nurse FINALLY came in & tortured Isaac for a bit. He wasn't so happy anymore. He cried for Mommy (who had to help restrain him, while singing Jesus Loves Me, The Veggie Tales' theme song & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to try to soothe him...........much to the vast enjoyment of all listening, I'm sure), he cried for Daddy & he cried for Diego. (He has a new obsession with the show "Go Diego Go", of late. Darn Netflicks.) Then, 7 stitches later, it was over. They gave him a Veggie Tale guy, because they didn't have any Diegos. For. crying. out. loud. What is the world coming to? But it did make him happy again. We went home & went to bed. Snuggling a vegetable.
                             The End 


~*~The Family~*~ said...

Hope he heals fast! I would rather have a veggie than Diego any day.

Misty said...

Poor guy! :(