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Monday, June 13, 2011

THE GIG!!! {AKA: Heather's 2nd Childhood}

The SweetTarts gig went really well.  Several loving & supportive friends & family came to see us well as people just walking by downtown. We even had some people who stopped on the side walk and danced to our tunes. It was a blast! Michelle's sister, husband & their 2 adorable boys were there, cheering us on. Of course, all of my boys & Justin were there as the work crew, helping to set up the equipment, as well as showing support. They stayed through both of our sets, standing out in the cold for hours, bless their hearts. My fingers were half-frozen on the keys through it all. But I was able to stay warm enough with all the adrenaline of my nerves & trying not to mess up too badly! We played several great tunes: Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams", Gloria Gainer's "I Will Survive" (which we ROCKED, if I do say so myself), U2's "New Year's Day", Madonna's "Borderline", Simon & Garfunkel's "Hazy Shade of Winter", Heart's "Magic Man" (which Michelle blew out of the water with the amazing notes she hit) & many more. 

Here's a little VIDEO sample Seth recorded for me. It's not great sound/image quality as it was taken with my phone. It's not our best song either; Seth didn't record my very favorites. But it'll do.

Michelle: Angelic Lead Vocalist

                       Carrie: Totally Awesome Drummer Chick

Chris: Rockin' Electric Guitarist & Vocalist; also very secure in his masculinity to be a "SweetTart". He is kinda like our coach as well & helps us hold it all together, musically speaking. 

         Shayne: Crazy-amazing bassist & also my dear, dear friend!

Just lil' ole me: pretending to know what I'm doing....& havin' fun!

     It was fun & all went well. Don't know if I'll do this forever...........but it's sure fun for right now! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! Thanks, as well, to my loving husband.........who lets me out of the house for band practice & supports pretty much any little ole thing I try to do. How dearly I love him.      


Misty said...

LOVE this!

Betty The Bruiser said...

Ooooooh, very nice! This post got me really stoked for you! I definitely understand show jitters....I always feel like I need to pee and throw up at the same time. And then once the music starts, I feel much better. Are you guys going to do anymore performances soon?

Boy Crazy said...

Thanks, Misty!

Bruiser chick~ Thanks. Yes. I pretty much felt like THAT. With frozen fingers. We are doing the
1st thurs of next month & have a gig in Sept too. FUN!!!

Danielle said...

WOWOWOWOWOW! I am in awe of y'all!

I don't know that I'd have the guts to do this. (Karaoke is about as brave as I get.

Were you doing the harmonizing?

And you looked like a cute little 80s pin-up!