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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Abi's Fishy Birthday

Last month my niece, Abigail, turned 7 yrs old. She took her bestest, best little BFF, along with her sister, and her boy cousins, to the new aquarium here in town. It's no Seattle Aquarium, but the kids had fun. Maybe too much fun. It was more like a wet petting zoo, really. And there was an iguana. At the aquarium. Who knew? I guess when a place is built on donations, ya take what you can get. The whole aquarium consisted of 2 rooms and a hallway....pretty much. But don't listen to my negativity. I grew up in Seattle & went to the SEATTLE Aquarium for Field trips, where there were exhibits bigger than my house, and where part of it was submerged in the actual sea. The kids didn't know any better & all of them LOVED our little local aquarium.  

Look! It's Nemo!!!

Starfish tank

A crab, I believe.

Anemones & stuff.

Grabbin' a shark by the tail.

Shark egg!!

Inside the shark egg: baby shark!!!

Yes, Jarod's hair is WET. He got a little carried away trying to make contact with the sea life. We left shortly after this picture was taken, to avoid being kicked out.

Jarod making friends as usual.

His pal, Ray.

No, you can't take it home, Gideon.

Back at the ranch, we had the usual birthday celebration with cake, presents & noise.
 Auntie Heather loves you, Abi.
So much. 

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Misty said...

Did a field trip there... and you know, I feel like the prices are a little high for what it is... I'm just negative too, i guess.