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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Visit

Auntie Melanie & Auntie Jubilee came to visit a couple weeks ago. We celebrated Isaac's birthday, as well as Grandma's, Auntie Deborah's & little Cousin Aiden's (he just turned one year old!) birthdays.
Little Cousin Aiden giving Jarod some love!

Seth & Aiden

Auntie Jubee & Cousin Aiden getting ready to blow out candles

Boy cousin wrestle time!!!!

Auntie Melanie holding Birthday Boy Aiden & Birthday Girl Deborah holding Birthday Boy Isaac

Cousin snuggles
One of Grandma's big tough Newfoundlands hiding from the horrible scary noise of kids blowing into some little party party favor thingies. The horror.

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Mary said...

Poor puppy! I have wimpy big dogs and they can be so pathetic at times.