The Culprits

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Sunbeams through the window,
orange juice in my cup,
drip coffee brewing,
and a lil' barking pup.
Smiling and dancing,
and soft, clapping hands,
bubbles and washing
and marching in bands.
Joy runs through the hall
and plays in the grass;
sits in the lawn chair
as squirrels skitter past.
Sunflowers reaching

a sparkling sky,
pinwheels spinning,
a sweet lullaby.
Jesus loves me,
and gruff billy goats,
gingerbread running,
and tub sail boats.
Giggling and snuggling
under rose-budded sheets,
stroking my hair
as I give in to sleep.
Growing and distance
as time travels by,
talking and tears
and wondering why.
Pictures and letters,
visits and calls,
children, new joys,
and spooks to recall.
One last reunion
with giggles and tears,
loud voices straining
for beautiful ears.
Last time to sing,
to hold her soft hands,
go now to see Jesus
and march in his band.

Written and copyrighted by me

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