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Friday, June 26, 2009

New Baby Stuff, Doctor Trips, an OCD Melt Down & Cute Boys

Found: 2 good deals yard-saling last weekend. Excersaucer (walker w/ no wheels): $10. Portable light-up baby swing: $9. Both have been on my wish list for a while now, but I can never buy anything brand new. It seems like such a ridiculous notion to me. Both of the things I found were in great condition & I easily saved myself $50. Brought 'em home, cleaned 'em up. Good as new. Isaac LOVES his new stuff. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (with the aide of captions of course). "Yeah, me!!!" (Look at his dimples! Love 'em!)


"Whoa, dude. This is like totally gnarly, man."

"OOooo......pretty lights!!!"

Getting ready to go earlier today (to take Micah to the Dr for a really infected mosquito bite), I made Titus wear (GASP!!!) shorts, instead of long pants. I try to ease him out of his comfort zone now & then. He doesn't understand the concept of shorts. It's just all WRONG. WHY would ANYONE wear HALF a pair of pants??!!! They don't even go down to your feet! "And WHY doesn't my shirt have SLEEVES??? MOMMY!!! HELP!!!" *Sigh* The horror.

Micah's face aptly depicts how I felt about being at the doctor's office for the umpteenth time this month. I forgot to blog Jarod's ER trip last week. For a few days he had been having pains very similar to Seth's appendicitis. I didn't think lightning would strike the same family twice, but I had to be sure. Apparently constipation can mimic appendicitis. I was glad to find THAT out..............$600 & 3 hours (w/6 kids) later!!! Of course I was thankful it wasn't serious. Micah's infection is not serious either. He's doing OK. You can see the bite on his leg there though. It's a doosey.

Jarod helping out in the Dr's office.

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lyssa said...

there are six little girls out there somewhere who are going to get great hubbies someday because of your family!