The Culprits

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Gideon is boy #4. He is 4. I think he is hilarious. I don't know where he gets his personality. If you don't think he's as funny as I do, that's OK. I just wanna keep track of his little quips for my own good.

Justin is a little on the hairy side. I think it's manly (even though I have to shave the bathroom floor). Gideon is on an "I Spy" kick right now. He came in the bathroom yesterday when Justin was in the shower.
Gideon: Daddy! Wanna play I Spy?
Daddy : Sure.
Gideon: I spyyyyyyy.......something.........FURRY!!!
Daddy: Is iiiiiit............ME?
Gideon: YEP! You guessed it!

A few minutes ago, I flushed an earwig down the toilet. Gideon said, "Goodbye, SUCCA!" Then, he sat on the floor talking to me while I was getting ready to go. I don't know what he was saying. He could talk the head off of He could talk your head off. Yeah, that. Anyway, I was going, "Uh-huh. MMmm. Yup. MMhmm. Oh, I see." when I realized that he was telling me he wants to get a hamster & name him Elephant. I think that's a great idea.


Tracy Haukaas said...

oh man...I laughed soooooo hard!!!

Laryssa said...

i love Gideon's name for a hamster! we have a bunny named Prancer so we are right there with ya!