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Sunday, January 23, 2011

AAaaaallllllllllll of the Ballerinas, Horsies, Doggies & Lock-Clicker-Thingies

 Mr. Mike put the boys to work at the horsie ranch yesterday. Didn't clean any poo this time. Just swept up the barn a bit, then got to groom a horse & take some lassoing lessons.

 Isaac hiding from all the attention the ladies were giving him. He's so freakin' cute, he should just get used to that. I have news for ya, little buddy. They can still see you, even though your eyes are closed. 

                                      Seth giving a horsie friend some TLC.

Jarod's lessons went great!
    Lassoed himself a right nice cowpoke.

                                                             Micah's turn.

                                            One of our pretty horsie friends.

                                                               Snack time!

                                        Nice doggie friend, shakin' hands.

When we were done at the ranch, we went home, got un-muddy & left for Cousin Abigail's ballet recital. Abi's little number with her ballet friends was the very first one in the show. She ran around delicately in her little tu-tu with her little friends. She was the cutest one there of course. We were pretty much sitting in the very back of the huge auditorium & it was a little bit difficult to see who was who up on that stage. However, it was easy to keep track of her up there, as she was the only little girl with her tu-tu sticking up in the back & little leotard-covered tushy showing. It was about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time (the dancing AND the tushy). Her number was proximately 2 minutes long. Then it was over.....with the rest of the recital to watch. I personally enjoyed the show. But I had several complaints, from some boys I know, that they were getting ready to DIE. That went on for about 2 hours. By the time the show was over, my phone battery was dead from letting Isaac & Titus watch Veggie Tales on my IPhone (I love my IPhone). My tic-tacs & pack of gum were decimated & I tried to keep at least their taste buds entertained. I then resorted to utilizing my breath spray. You'd be surprised how entertaining breath spray can be. And the little kids weren't even the biggest difficulty! Seth, the large teenage man-child, went from texting to whining to squirming to sighing to shooting himself in the head with his fingers & back to texting. Thank goodness he spotted a friend from church to hang out with for a few minutes. I do need to mention: Gideon was an angel & loved the show. He sat next to Grandma, just mesmerized. I think he appreciates the arts. Or the pretty girls. Not sure which.

When the show was over, we went out (waaaaayyyyyy out) to the car to leave. We were going to go celebrate Abi's performance at McDonald's with some ice cream. I then realized my little lock-clicker-thingie was no longer on my key chain. My ignition key doesn't open my car door. We were locked out. Had to take aaaaaaalllllllllll the boys aaaaaalllll the way back to retrace our steps & look under our seats. No clicker thingie. Had to call my Hero (on Seth's phone, cuz mine was dead) to come rescue me. Walked aaaaaaallllll the way back to the car. Grandma took the boys in her van to McDonald's to wait for me. Shortly after, my Knight-in-Shining-Armour (who was already half-way home from work, after a long hard day, had to turn around & come back aaaaaallllllll the way he had come from) rescued me & we finally met up with everyone. I did find my lock-clicker-thingie lying on the ground in the driveway when I got home.

 Abi showin' off her moves: cutest ballerina EVER.
                  Gideon was a VERY PROUD cousin!!!!

I'm getting a little tired of my spell check telling me that "thingie" & "horsie" & "doggie" & "aaaaaallllllll" are not real words. I'm just saying.


Christy said...

Don't you just love texting teens? I just realized that we both have Isaacs. :)

Denise said...

We have an Isaac too!!!! Anyhow, took the boys to a friends dance recital. They will NEVER go with me EVER again, I swear. They HATED it. What an extreme day! Cowboying to Dance Recital!

And yes, I cheered when I found that chicken toe puzzle piece. I really did ;)

Misty said...

Sounds like a lovely saturday...

Boy Crazy said...

So cool that you both have Isaacs too!!! And it was nice, Misty. Mostly. ;)