The Culprits

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye, Gloria

I dropped my sister off at the bus stop tonight, after her extended holiday/school break/visit with us. I didn't WANT to drop her off. I wanted to keep her. We have not spent any real time together in the past several years, so her visit was such a blessing. We had emotional discussions about our childhood, about life, about God, about our fears, pains, & joys. We didn't have even one argument or fight the entire month (as we have been known to do in years past). We laughed. We cried. She bonded with the boys & they with her. She changed poopy diapers, folded laundry, read stories to the boys & played games with them. She has such a quiet, patient, gentle way with them & they all adore her. We all got used to her being around. Now we miss her. A lot. Especially me. I have to change all the poopy diapers again. And be without my sweet sister & dear friend. I'm sad.


lyssa said...

Don't be sad. I'm not using and abusing my sister these days (sniffle) so you can have her for a little while. I hereby volunteer her to change all your poopy diapers. Oh, don't thank me! Really, it was nothing! Gosh, you're embarrassing me- you're welcome, you're welcome! Just be sure to give her back when I say, K?

MamaT said...

my sister used to come and live all (well, most) her breaks with our family. it was crowded, but it was worth every second. i love sisters!
now she's gone off and married a guy... so we don't get her for breaks. but they come visit for short stays still, so it's not a complete loss. --well, it's not a loss at all, because we gained the "guy" as an awesome brother and friend. so it totally balanced out the hard feelings. ;)
i hope your sister can come again soon and start back up on diaper duty.