The Culprits

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cream & Slobber, Anyone?

When my back is turned, bad things happen.
So I grab my camera.
                                                  As any good mom would do.
                        Some of you might think this is gross.
Slobber and coffee creamer would have sounded gross to me as well, once. 6 kids later, I just see a photo-shoot opportunity.

I teach my children to share.
                                            "Don't sit on the table, Titus!!!
                                                   That's bad manners."
                                             Less for Mommy to clean now. Good job, boys.

1 comment:

Numia said...


What an incredible mother you are..... weird what we never know about someone.... until we know.

Your kids are very fortunate. Nicely done.