The Culprits

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heather At Dawn

My Day:

1. Got up early & took Seth to take his finals.
2. Cried a little & prayed for Seth to do well on his tests because I'm a stressed out, neurotic mess who fears waking up one day & realizing I have ruined his life by my decision to homeschool......and by all the other stuff I do & don't do that I should & should not do. 
3. Got some alone-ME-time to go shopping.
4. Thrift store was closed.
5. Thankfully the dollar store was just opening.
6. Went to Wendy's for some low-carb/healthy chicken nuggets.
7. Wendy's was closed.
8. Wondered if I was in the Twilight Zone.
9. Blinked.
10. Had a realization that, in the OUTSIDE world, a lot of places of business are actually closed sometimes.
11. Went to Paul's Market for cheese & nuts instead.
12. Went back to the thrift store in time for Seth to call me to pick him up.
13. Seth thinks he did GREAT on his tests.
14. I might not have ruined his life.
15. We'll see.
16. May open a savings account for his future counseling needs. If the bank is open.
17. Am VERY proud of the large man-child in the below pic.


Misty said...

you are so funny!

Boy Crazy said...

Oh, good. I was getting worried. :) Thanks for validating me.