The Culprits

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Time at the Park

We took some time to go to the park on Thursday. It was a beautiful, perfect, fun, happy, relaxing day.
 I got to sit on the big girl swing & swing with my baby, with the warm breeze & sunshine on our faces.

                                    Pushin' my babies.....but not tooooo high!!!

                             Micah relaxing in his own, unique way.

                                    Sethy & Daddy "snuggling".

                                 Titus is a tree hugger AND a tree kisser.

       All my "little" boys playing & getting dirty together & warming my heart.

                                      The big boss man.

                                     How Gideon "smiles for Mommy".

 My little OCD-boy has come SO FAR!!! It makes a mama proud! *sniff sniff*


 I didn't like it & I didn't inhale.

Oh. Here is that picture of Chris, our other SweetTart & very talented electric guitar player. 

Hopefully I'll see lots of ya at the SweetTarts' gig!!!


Misty said...

It's overwhelming... So jealous though! Absolutely wish we were going camping next weekend!

i need to email you...

Sue said...

Heather I love you and your blog. Keep it up.